Physical activity reduces mortality risk in cancer patients

A recent study of regularly-active breast and colorectal cancer survivors indicated a 50% reduction in mortality risk. In spite of mounting evidence for the benefits of physical activity in cancer care, only 23% of patients are active – 31% are completely inactive.

Kevin Johnson and Rhian Horlock (Macmillan Cancer Care) led a workshop debating what interventions could be made to create opportunities for health care professionals to promote the benefits of physical activity to people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. Delegates explored whether there is a suitable time for integrating physical activity into cancer care pathways.

Conclusions were:

  • Patients should be the focus for any discussion about physical activity – remember patients are people whose choices should be respected
  • Approaches should be multi-disciplinary employing holistic needs assessment at all points of the treatment plan
  • Cancer care involves a team engaging 50 – 60 disciplines on a monthly basis. Every member of that team needs training

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