NHS England plans for 10 new “healthy towns”

NHS England have backed “healthy” new towns designed to encourage people to exercise more, eat better and live independently into old age.

The NHS hopes that by helping to shape the way the towns are built it can begin to address major healthcare problems including obesity and dementia and established a blueprint that will be followed elsewhere.

Within our region we have two “healthy new towns” located in Bicester and Barton.

The ideas under discussion:

  • Free Bikes with all new homes
  • Discounted supermarket shopping in reward to achieving a weekly step count
  • Sprinting tracks marked out on “safe pavements” connected to public gyms via urban obstacle courses
  • Outdoor cinemas and community squares to encourage communities to socialise on foot
  • Cooking lessons for local residents

For more information visit https://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/innovation/healthy-new-towns/