Improving health and wellbeing of NHS staff’s a hit

Our healthcare system’s greatest asset is the people who deliver it. Yet, as NHS services face unprecedented clinical demand, increasing financial pressures and a patient population with complex care needs, it is often the health and wellbeing of NHS staff that suffers.

Led by Kate King- Hicks and Helena Fahie (both Public Health England), Anna Hinton (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Hannah Musson (Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust) and Ria Ingleby (Vodafone), delegates explored whether the process of implementing an NHS workplace health strategy is any different from any other large organisation and what works to get employees more physically active.


  • Introducing a workplace health and wellbeing strategy will be a massive cultural change, both for the individual and the organisation
  • The How of staff communication is vital. Consider the Nudge effect, positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions, used effectively by Vodafone UK to influence behaviour change
  • Use a staff-led, bottom up approach: ask people what they want
  • Recognise the role of leadership in delivering programmes, and embed it into the organisation

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