Great start to exploring how activity and lifestyle changes can improve pre-diabetes management

Scott Elliot (Senior Public Health Manager, Medway Council, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme website lead) and Dr Andrew Burnett (Public Health consultant and lead for Diabetes Prevention Programme, Berkshire) led delegates in discussions exploring ways of empowering high-risk people to self-manage through physical activity.

Other topics up for discussion were: how to use NHS Health checks to target pre-diabetes patients and refer for appropriate services; how to use current NHS resources to reproduce the positive effects seen in large clinical trials; and what are the key challenges and barriers to behaviour change.

Delegates agreed the following messages.

  • Work with service users to design corporate action plans & future service roll-out
  • Make sure the right services and partnerships are in place before reaching out to patients
  • Motivate and empower patients to take up those services
  • Use the right language to approach patients at different life stages
  • Be inclusive in all approaches
  • Build in the ability to scale-up, as well as scale-down, services
  • Use the media to spread messages

Let us know what you thought of the debate and its outcomes. Do you agree? Comments please!